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Teamwork makes the dream work!

Remember, there is no ‘I’ in team

Today we want to tell you all about the joys of teamwork and all the fun you and your participants can have working together. Swimming can be a very individual sport so by adding a new teamwork element into your group swimming lessons, you will enhance the physical and mental wellbeing benefits for your participants, children or adults.

In the fifth and final episode from the 'Live From The Pool' series, Aquabatix demonstrates different team skills and activities that are simple to learn to teach, are a lot of fun for participants to try and are perfect to add as a contrasting activity to your swimming lessons.

These skills and drills include:

Making shapes – circles, squares, stars, lines and many more

Move together in simple formation – move around the pool in a formation

Tubs & oysters – performing these skills in formations and whilst turning

Stroke sequences – swimming together in formation and changing formation

Artistic swimming is renowned for groups of people swimming together, creating shapes in the water whilst performing skills and propelling themselves in different directions.

Every team member has his or her role to play and no one is more important that anyone else. All team members have a responsibility to perform their movements correctly whilst being aware of the team as a whole.

This involves everyone being conscious of the space around them, knowing where their team mates are positioned in the formation and how they all move in relation to each other.

Working together as a team is challenging and rewarding and most importantly fun for everyone. These skills and drills are There are so many variations of formations and skills that can be performed as a team that the possibilities for creative choreography are endless!

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