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What is artistic swimming?

Artistic swimming is a fusion of swimming, gymnastics, acrobatic moves and dance in water that is experienced as individuals or within a group of any age and ability.

Why artistic swimming?

Artistic swimming improves stroke efficiency, water confidence, survival techniques, coordination, underwater orientation and provides new opportunities to explore creative, fun and expressive movements.


Reasons to incorporate artistic swimming into your swimming programme

Artistic swimming courses retain participants
Retain participants

New and engaging

Keep your community interested in the water and attract new swimmers to your classes by offering different skills to learn that are engaging and rewarding.

Artistic swimming courses to create and increase your revenue streams
Increase revenue

New revenue stream

Create new revenue streams by offering artistic swimming courses, taster classes and birthday parties as well as including elements into your swimming lessons.


Reward participants

Incentivise your participants by providing clear and achievable learning outcomes to work towards and reward them with our unique artistic swimming certificates.

Artistic swimming courses life preservation skills
Life preservation

Skills and techniques 

Many of the core skills and techniques taught within artistic swimming are naturally life preservation skills that will enable your participants to be more efficient and safe in the water.

Artistic swimmng courses team work for good mental health

Mental health benefits

Create a healthy team environment within your swimming sessions and connect your participants by working together to master new skills and achieve their goals.

Artistic swimming courses to learn unique skills.jpg
Unique skills

Set yourself apart

Increase your skill set and set yourself apart from other swimming instructors by learning new and unique skills that are fun to integrate, making your lessons popular with participants and parents.

Photo 11-02-2020, 18 05 33.jpg

Nathaniel - 10

I love learning different sculling techniques as you can move in the water in so many different and fun ways

Photo 18-02-2020, 16 42 07 (2).jpg

Leanne - 8

Eggbeater is so much fun and is a great way to keep me safe in the water


Melody - 7

I love dancing, gymnastics and swimming so artistic swimming means I get to do all the things I love at the same time!

Photo 11-02-2020, 18 06 13.jpg

Maia - 12

I have completed all my swimming grades so having new artistic swimming levels and certificates to aim for is a great challenge

Photo 11-02-2020, 18 05 41.jpg

Ryan - 10

I always thought artistic swimming was only for girls but I get to try loads of cool new skills and swim underwater which is awesome

Photo 11-02-2020, 18 06 55.jpg

Jacob - 6

Swimming with the older children is really cool and I get to show off my handstands and somersaults - I love going upside down!

Michelle Atkinson

"I am now able to integrate key artistic swimming skills into my school and club swimming sessions which is proving hugely beneficial to my swimmers. 

All the new skills enhance their swimming ability which ultimately means they are safer and more efficient in the water."

St Christopher's The Hall School & Beckenham Swimming Club

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"The CPD is easy to follow, factual and informative. I feel more comfortable to integrate artistic swimming into my lessons and produce mini schemes of work.


The artistic swimming courses are well planned and delivered, I love how you get videos throughout.


Thoroughly recommend."

In at the Deep End

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