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Artistic swimming courses 

available stateside

Aquabatix with STA’s support has partnered with Starfish Aquatics Institute and launched ‘Experience’ and ‘Explore & Expression’ in the US.
Click here if you are in the US to access the courses now
You can purchase the courses separately or together as a bundle.
Leslie Donavan, President/CEO at Starfish Aquatics Institute and Vice President of the IFSTA, who has launched the online artistic swimming courses on their own digital platform this month for swimming teachers in the USA, says:
“We are very excited to partner with Aquabatix and STA to bring this program to the United States as well as to our global clientele.
Jill White, the founder of SAI, is member of the International Academy of Aquatic Art Hall of Honour, International Swimming Hall of Fame and she is particularly delighted to expose a new audience to the joy of artistic swimming.”
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