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Collecting information

If you enquire about our artistic swimming courses or complete our try before you buy courses, we will add your personal name and email address, along with details about the nature of your enquiry, to a secure file on our website and details of their privacy policy can be found if you click here


What we do with your information
We use your information to keep you up to date with the artistic swimming courses available by way of e-marketing.  

We DO NOT advertise or share your personal information or contact details with anyone, or sell any of your details to any other company.  

Your right to see what information we hold
You can request at any time to see any information that we hold about you.  In order to do this, you need to submit your request in writing to


Information Commissioner’s Office (I.C.O)
We are registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) to collect, retain, store and use your details to contact you regarding artistic swimming courses only in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations 2018. Our registration Number is: 00045 538237 and our Data Processor is Katie Fried at Aquabatix Limited.


Opting out
If you do not want us to keep your details on our database then you can request for them to be removed at any time by sending an email to and we will ensure that this is done. 
However, removing your details from our files would mean that we would be unable to contact you about our artistic swimming courses.

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