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China succeeds in the pool after embracing artistic swimming

China has long been a powerhouse in the world of sports, from dominating gymnastics to excelling in table tennis. In recent years, the country has set its sights on achieving greatness in swimming. With a slew of innovative training methods and an unwavering commitment to excellence, China's swimming team has soared to new heights at the World Aquatics Championships. One such innovation that has been turning heads is their foray into artistic swimming.

In the CGTN Sports Scene video above you can see how assistant coach, Guo Li, is using the skills she learnt as an artistic swimmer to revolutionise the Chinese swimming teams training.

Artistic Swimming: An Unconventional Addition

Artistic swimming, formerly known as synchronised swimming, might seem like an unconventional choice for a competitive swimming team. This discipline combines elements of dance, gymnastics, and swimming, demanding intricate choreography and seamless synchronisation. However, this unexpected addition has brought a multitude of benefits to the Chinese team:

Artistic swimming demands a high degree of flexibility and balance, attributes that directly benefit competitive swimmers. These skills improve stroke technique, streamline body positioning, and ultimately lead to faster times in the pool.

All swimmers and instructors know that sculling is an essential skill in swimming, however, the Chinese have adopted to learn advanced techniques from the experts, and incorporated the artistic swimming methods for training sculling.

This artful maneuver involves subtle hand and arm movements that create optimal water resistance and balance, improving stroke technique and efficiency as well as underwater control. By incorporating sculling into their training, Chinese swimmers have unlocked a new dimension of precision and finesse in their swimming.

If swimming teachers have the knowledge of how to teach sculling correctly and ensure it is being done correctly, sculling has the power to dramatically increase performance from a beginner as well as elite athlete.

Artistic swimming hones an athlete's ability to work closely with teammates. This skill translates to relay events in competitive swimming, where precise timing and coordination are critical.

4. Mental Resilience:

Artistic swimming routines require immense concentration and mental discipline, helping swimmers maintain focus during races, especially in high-pressure situations like the Olympics.

Aquabatix's Vision: Accessibility and Affordability

Aquabatix has always championed the benefits of artistic swimming and has paved the way for a broader audience by offering affordable and accessible artistic swimming courses to swimming teachers. Let's explore how these innovations are transforming the world of aquatics.

As a global leader in aquatic performance, Aquabatix made it their mission to offer affordable and accessible artistic swimming courses, specifically designed for swimming teachers. These courses empower swimming educators to learn and teach artistic swimming basics with ease and affordability, opening the door to a broader audience.

Aquabatix's courses represent a revolutionary step forward. Here's why they are changing the game:

1. Accessibility:

By making artistic swimming courses accessible and affordable, Aquabatix is eliminating barriers that previously made it difficult for swimming educators to learn how to teach the discipline.

2. Skill Enhancement:

Swimming teachers can now acquire the skills necessary to teach artistic swimming effectively, offering new opportunities for their students to explore this exciting field.

3. Fostering Future Talent:

By empowering teachers, Aquabatix is nurturing the next generation of artistic swimmers, potentially uncovering hidden talents and future champions.

A Watershed Moment in Aquatics

China's swimming team's success in embracing artistic swimming, coupled with Aquabatix's efforts to make this discipline accessible, is a testament to the transformative power of innovation and education in the world of sports. This winning combination highlights the importance of continually pushing boundaries, exploring new horizons, and sharing knowledge to advance aquatic sports on a global scale.

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