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Adele, Artistic Swimming and Wine?

What have artistic swimming, wine, music icon Adele and a rubber ring all got in common? A unlikely combination but one that makes for an incredible visual spectacle for Adele's latest music video, I Drink Wine. The artistic swimmers are none other than our very own Aquabatix USA and feature heavily in the beautiful music video, almost as much as Adele and her wine!

Adele and her artistic swimmers tell a story of a time in Adele's life, the water symbolizing the flow between past, present and future. Adele described the artistic swimmers part in the video as representing her 'sisterhood' of friends who support and guide her through her life.

Director Joe Talbot loved the Aquabatix USA artistic swimmers saying; “(The) team were wonderful to work with, such fun and generous energy, and I really believe that bleeds into what we have captured on screen.”

Adele herself had this to say about our team across the pond: “You’re so talented and I’m honored to have worked with you all”

If you look closely you will see so many of the skills contained within our artistic swimming courses Experience and Explore & Expression throughout the choreography in the video. The swimmers demonstrate sculling, eggbeater, snowflake, tub, back layout and not to mention the all important teamwork! Just think, with some practise your participants could have a go at the choreography in the Adele video!

Artistic swimming has appeared in many music videos in the past, all using the artistic sport in a different way. However, in our opinion, Adele's I Drink Wine tops them all and we are so delighted that artistic swimming is portrayed in such a beautiful way.

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