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Summer holidays sorted!

Artistic swimming offers you and your participants the unique opportunity to explore and learn how use the water in different and creative ways. This not only enhances water confidence and coordination, but develops personal expression and teamwork in ways that are not possible during regular swimming lessons.

"Artistic swimming is something we don’t have in the area and I am a big fan of anything that will keep children engaged in swimming for longer. I have found it to be one of the best online courses I have ever done and I cant wait to run artistic swimming holiday courses for my participants" ​Emma Robinson - Emma's Otters Swimming School

The 1–2-hour artistic swimming online course is available online now for just £45, and the package includes:

  • Experience artistic swimming course

  • Certificate of completion

  • Five comprehensive and progressive 30-minute lesson plans

  • Access to all videos within the course on an easily downloadable and viewable platform for use on poolside

  • 20 x special holiday course certificates provided as a printable, digital file that you can upload the leisure centre/swim school logo onto and participants information

The artistic swimming summer holiday course is CIMPSA accredited and has been awarded half a CPD point by the STA.

Sign up today and create an incredible programme of activity for your community. Artistic swimming offers so much variety and exploration in the water, your participants will love every minute!

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