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Find your balance!

Why? Read on and we will let you into some artistic swimming secrets!

Leaning how to float and balance in the water is a key component required for getting the most out of every water-based activity. Being able to control your body movements and keep your bearings when upside down, rotating and moving, are important skills for water confidence and safety in the pool and open water.

In the fourth episode from the 'Live From The Pool' series, we demonstrate to swimming teachers ways to improve the classic floating techniques as well as some of the exciting movements in artistic swimming. These simple to learn techniques are lot of fun for participants to try and are perfect to add as a contrasting activity to swimming lessons.

All of the skills we cover in the live from the pool episode are taught in more detail in our online courses, Experience and Explore and Expression. We teach the following skills with examples of progressive drills.

Floating: From star floats to mushroom floats, we demonstrate fun techniques and drills to perfect this vital skill.

Oyster: Everyone loves this skill, it takes coordination, control and balance and is great fun to do.

Log roll: The ultimate skill for core strength and balance, once your participants master this, they will be log rolling all over the pool!

Somersaults: You can finally let your participants do the front and back somersaults they are so keen to do and teach them how to do them properly. Excellent for coordination and orientation and will help your participants with their tumble turns when they get to that stage.

Handstands: No more telling your participants to stop doing handstands in your sessions as they can learn how to do them artistically now!

Bent knee and ballet leg: These skills will make them feel like artistic swimmers and give them some great skills to show off to their friends on holiday!

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