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Achieve, reward and progress

In partnership with the STA we are launching a new series of Artistic Swimming Digital Certificates today. The new digital certificates have been developed to support the delivery of artistic swimming skills, with each award providing a series of progressive learner outcomes for the participant to achieve.

Keeping participants engaged and eager to progress to the next level is the aim of every swimming instructor so we now have the artistic answer you have been searching for! We all know that recognition and progression are key components for success and happiness in the pool and what better way to achieve this by rewarding your participants.

There are five awards in the digital series, which align with the current online artistic swimming courses – two awards for the Experience course and two awards for the Explore and Expression course, with a further award dedicated to water safety skills. Each of the awards can be taught in sequence, or delivered as part of a stand-alone session, and they are:

  1. Experience artistic swimming

  2. Experience teamwork

  3. Explore connection

  4. Explore expression and creativity

  5. Water safety skills

Katie Fried, Director of Aquabatix, said: “We are delighted to introduce these digital certificates to help both the participants and teachers have specific targets to achieve during their artistic swimming learning experience, and for which they can be rewarded for at every progressive stage.”

Add your swim school logo to the certificates

Our digital certificate system automatically places your swim school logo into a designated space within the certificate, adding the learners name and other details too. This enables you to quickly and efficiently send the certificates to parents giving them the ability to share with friends and family on any digital platform they choose.

Certificate hard copies

Parents can then choose to purchase a hard copy of the issued award (which includes the personalised logo) and child’s name etc if they wish.

If you would love to add artistic swimming skills into your programme, you can purchase the courses and up skill by clicking here.

To buy the new artistic swimming digital certificates, click here.

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