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From laptop learning to poolside practical

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Lucy Carter, an independent swimming teacher from South East London, decided to VLOG her learning journey when completing the Experience artistic swimming course online. She felt it would be beneficial to her to re-cap each section as she completed it but most importantly, she wanted to share her learning experience with other swimming teachers and swimming instructors to give an honest, step by step account of the online course.

As a very experienced swimming teacher, Lucy wanted to further expand her skill set and challenge herself to learn some new drills and skills to incorporate into her lesson programme. Artistic swimming is not currently accessible in her community, so Lucy wanted to gain the knowledge and skills to be able to teach artistic swimming and offer her participants the opportunity to learn something different that they don't currently have access to. As you will see on the VLOG, Lucy loved the online course and found the content informative, engaging and exciting.

Lucy found the online course to be easy to navigate, well laid out and full of valuable information in easy to follow videos and has already set to work trying out her new skills with her participants.

To check out the courses in more detail click here

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